Find Space. Save Time. Simplify. 

Less is More has been organizing busy Chicago families since 2010. Our professional organizers know how to maximize smaller urban spaces and create systems that allow you live with less but feel like you have more.  


Kelly Brask, Lead Organizer

One client put it best when they described Kelly as “the utmost professional, undeterred by even the most disorganized messes.” Having lived in Sweden for 22 years, she brings a Scandinavian sense of efficiency and order to her projects. Kelly is the mother of three, formerly the Director of Administration for the Chicago chapter of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, and a member of NAPO’s prestigious Golden Circle. She is also our paper and home office organizing expert.


some of Kelly's work

"Kelly was nonjudgmental and completely focused on listening to my struggles and outlining a vision for how I wanted to use my spaces. It is one year later and I am still using the systems she put in place."

Hillaery, Chicago

"Kelly was so fast and efficient. What used to be a room I avoided is now a room I am proud of."


"I just had my first session with Kelly and was blown away! She is a joy to work with.  So thoughtful, so ORGANIZED, and with great ideas of where to take all the stuff you are getting rid of.  Best organizing company I have ever worked with!"


 Kelly Brask  Lead Organizer

Kelly Brask
Lead Organizer


Catherine Gibel, Organizing Specialist

Catherine’s organizing philosophy is simple: give what you love a functional home so you can find it, enjoy it, and put it back with ease. As a former social worker supporting children with special needs, she is sensitive to how complex family life can be. She brings to each project a listening ear, an eye for editing and design, and a desire to collaborate to develop beautiful, functional and personalized organizational systems that her clients will appreciate for years to come. Catherine is available to work side-by-side with clients as well as on her own.


some of catherine's work

"Catherine - you are a life changer!"

Jolee, Evanston

"Catherine, thank you so much for all your help! My life feels so much lighter!"


"Catherine is great! I'm amazed at how much we've de-cluttered and organized. She has taught me so many things that I use even when she is not here with me."

Tamara, Chicago


 Catherine Gibel  Organizing Specialist

Catherine Gibel
Organizing Specialist