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Less is More is excited to announce our Chicago clients are now being served by Carrie Kempler, owner of Chicago Spaces in Order.  Chicago Spaces in Order works collaboratively with their clients to create organizing systems that are efficient, easy to maintain, and perfect for their style and space.   

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in her own words

Carrie Kempler, Owner, Chicago Spaces in Order

I crave order, it calms me.  I work collaboratively with each client to help them find that same calm.  As a busy mom and business owner, I know that a house doesn't have to look like a page out of magazine to be organized. I'll help you find the systems and organizational style that works best for you.  By the end of the session, you will feel lighter, empowered, and inspired.

Chicago Spaces in Order serves the Chicago area and North Shore.  Contact me to help you get your Spaces in Order.

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that [working with Carrie] was a life-changing experience.”

Sarah J., North Center

“Not only can I find everything I need instantly, I also actually have MORE space.”

Heather H., Lakeview

Some examples of carrie’s work