Our Favorite Organizing Products

Elfa closet system dramatically maximizes closet storage space

IKEA’s Helmer 6-drawer unit on casters provides ample storage for office necessities

InterDesign pantry bins keep bags of food, chips, and cereal organized and accessible

Desktop file is great for organizing mail and household papers

Under bed storage box is perfect for storing off-season clothes or children’s artwork

Really Useful Box with dividers keeps small toys and art supplies organized

Clear plastic shoe boxes corral EVERYTHING from nail polish to soap to belts to Barbie clothes

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How Long to Keep Documents

Guidelines for Retention of Common Documents

How Long to Keep Financial Records

How to Stop Junk Mail

Easy app to stop junk mail and catalogs:

To manage credit card offers:

To manage direct mail:

To eliminate deliveries of the Yellow Pages and White Pages:

To manage catalogs:

To stop getting solicited by charities:


Clothes:  What to Keep and Where to Sell

Wardrobe Editing Decision Tree

High-end designer consignment:

Sell your designer handbags:

Recycle or Re-Home Anything

Real Simple Magazine: How to Recycle Almost Anything

Apps that help you find new owners for your stuff: Let Go! or OfferUP

When to Clean out Your Make-up Drawer How Long Should You Keep Your Make-up?

Where to Donate Your Stuff

Almost anything and will pick up:

Brown Elephant Resale Shop (Chicago):

Lotus House (Miami):

Miami Rescue Mission:

Business attire:

Bottomless Closet:

Dress for Success, Miami:


Open Books Chicago:


Miami-Dade Public Library:


The Bra Recyclers:

Computers and electronics:

Free Geek Chicago:

Best Buy:


One Warm Coat:

Gift cards:

Gift Card Giver:

School supplies:

Upcycling Colors:

Stuffed animals: 

Stuffed Animals for Emergencies:

American Girl dolls:

Elfa closet system

Really Useful Box with dividers

Desktop files

Clear plastic shoe boxes