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Less is More has been organizing busy families since 2010. Our professional organizers know how to create systems that allow you live with less but feel like you have more. 

Sarah Giller Nelson Lead Organizer, Founder

Sarah Giller Nelson
Lead Organizer, Founder

My name is Sarah Giller Nelson and I am organized. I experience a sense of calm when I walk into well-ordered spaces. I enjoy feeling unencumbered. I like being able to find anything in my house in 60 seconds or less.

As a busy Miami mom, I recognize the challenges of sharing a home with two curious, energetic children and a gadget-loving husband. Knowing how to sift through, sort out, and organize all the “stuff” a household needs comes naturally to me, and is a skill that I draw upon all the time.

As a professional organizer, I help overwhelmed people find time, clarity, a sense of accomplishment, and a place to put their keys. Since founding Less is More Organizing Services in 2010, I have shown hundreds of families how less clutter, stress, and discord will lead to more time, balance, and happiness. My expertise has led to TV, radio, and press interviews in local and national publications. I love to give talks about getting organized. In 2015, I was selected as one of Miami’s top closet organizers by The Container Store, and currently partner with them as a Contained Home Organizer .

At Less is More, my team and I will take the time to carefully evaluate your habits and needs, and then design a comprehensive organizational plan to create beautiful, well-functioning spaces. Our hands-on organizing sessions put the plan into action. The results will be dramatic and inspiring.


"Genius… simply genius.  Sarah, you are a gift."

Carol, Chicago 

"Sarah is a life saver! Thanks to her I now love my home."

Ruthy, Miami

"Sarah is fabulous. She is very professional and fun to work with. You need her."

Debi, Chicago