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Less is More is a home organizing service driven by a passion for order and beauty. We offer simple, insightful solutions to complex organizing problems. We understand how to maximize space and have a keen eye for good design. Our systems create balance and clarity.

Less clutter means more space. Less time searching allows more to be accomplished. Less mess enables you to enjoy more of what you love. Less is more.


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Our professional organizers serve the Miami area, Chicago, and Naperville/Western Suburbs.



I was amazed by how quickly Less is More Organizing was able to really make things more efficient for me. The impact their help has had on our home and my outlook has paid back the cost of their services several times over.
— Yoko, Oak Park
I have worked with other home organizing services in the past but no one has been as helpful and thoughtful as Less is More Organizing! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs help with any organizing project that they can’t or don’t want to tackle. It will change your life!
— Mandee, Chicago
We worked with Less is More Organizing to help us wrap our heads around the never ending clutter of toys. They were amazing. Within 3 hours we had decluttered more than any other time in our lives.
— Mitzi, Chicago
Less is More is absolutely incredible! Catherine Gibel was my professional organizer and I could not have made it through this enormous project without her...My place looks so amazing, I can’t stop opening my cabinets! The value of this service is priceless. I’ve learned so many tips & tricks that I will also be able to take with me to my new home. I only wish I could take Catherine to Nashville with me!
— Piper, Chicago
The time we invested with our Less is More home organizers was extremely constructive and worth every dollar. Without them, I would still have a long “to do” list that would be weighing on me on a daily basis. I highly recommend the Less Is More team for all of your organizational needs!
— Katherine, South Loop
The professional and respectful home organizers at Less is More really know what they’re doing. They broke down my project into logical segments and helped me keep focus through this very difficult process. I would recommend Less is More to anyone who needs some order in their home.
— Scott, Evanston


We begin by creating an organizing plan customized to your space, needs, and habits. Next, we help you decide what to keep and where to keep it. Once everything you love and need has a good home, we teach you easy solutions for maintaining the order long-term.





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