18 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Photo credit: Caley Dimmock on Unsplash

Photo credit: Caley Dimmock on Unsplash


The holiday season brings with it the joys of celebration, gift giving, time with your loved ones, and special hopes for a new year. If your holidays tend to be just as hectic as they are jubilant, maybe it’s time to simplify what you do and how you do it. Here are some ways to celebrate without stress in the coming weeks:


Create one “Family Holiday Calendar” to hang in a central place in your home. Have the calendar handy when you open invitations or check e-mail so you can easily add the event. Leave “blank space” i.e., time to savor the holidays with your immediate family.


In your kitchen, make space for special platters, dishes, and food by removing expired food and discarding mismatched Tupperware containers. Declutter your entryway by donating outgrown or no longer loved coats. Add hangers or a coat rack so guests have a place to hang their coats. Stock the bathrooms with extra toilet paper, tissues, and soap.


The less is more philosophy definitely applies here. Decorations are meant to enhance the space, not clutter it. Make bigger projects like hanging outdoor lights and trimming the tree a family affair.


Start early! Pick a mailing date and work backwards to plan a schedule. Don’t stress about getting the perfect picture. An informal, silly picture of your family will put a smile on everyone’s face. You can also avoid the rush entirely and opt to send cards for a different holiday, like Valentine’s Day.


Only shop at stores that offer gift wrap. If you buy online, have the gift wrapped and shipped directly to the recipient. Keep track of your holidays expenses by using one credit card for all your purchases.

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Photo credit: The Container Store

Photo credit: The Container Store


Make room for the onslaught of new toys by purging toys that are broken, outgrown, or no longer loved. Streamline the time it takes you to wrap gifts by storing a pair of scissors and a roll of tape with gift wrap and ribbons. Try to store these items close to a flat surface so you can easily spread everything out.

We hope these tips will help you enjoy more of what you love with those you treasure most this holiday season!