Five Ways to Get Your Pantry into Tip-Top Shape

Organized pantry


1. Put Like Items Together  

This is the first rule of organizing almost anything and definitely applies to a pantry.  Decide on categories based on your cooking habits and store accordingly, i.e. canned goods in one area, dry goods in another, condiments in their own basket, baking supplies together and exotic ingredients for special meals in their own special corner.

2. Be Lazy  

A lazy susan is an excellent tool for storing small or narrow items like vitamins canisters or oils, vinegars and syrups.  No more having to reach (and knock) over what's in front to get to something in the back row!

3. Utilize the Door  

Narrow shelves on the inside of a pantry door can create a wealth of storage possibilities for items like spices, cake mixes or coffee.  Some shelving units can be attached directly to the door while others hang on hooks and leave no mark.

4. Make it Kid Friendly. 

Put healthy snacks in bins or baskets on lower shelves, along with plastic cups, bowls and plates.  Children appreciate being given responsibility and will enjoy getting to choose what they want when allowed to have a snack or treat.

5. Keep Dry Goods Dry. 

Containers like the OXO Good Grips Pop series for food storage are not only stackable for efficient use of shelf space, but they also have a seal to keep moisture and bugs out.  Flour, sugars, rice, pasta, even coffee can all be stored in containers. Don't forget to add labels!