Case Study: Top to Bottom Home Organization


Whether it's organizing a nursery for first-time parents, a dorm room for a college freshman, or a cross-country move for a family, we love helping our clients manage some of life's biggest events.

Such was the case of a recent client who needed to declutter and stage her entire home to sell before moving for work. Our goal was threefold: 1). to only keep and pack items she currently loves and uses, 2). to clear space in the closets, cabinets, and drawers to showcase the storage capacities of her home, and 3). to simplify the decor to better accentuate the selling features of her home. 

Kitchen drawer AFTER

The kitchen is the heart of the home so, that's where we started. We cleared space on the shelves by downsizing her collection of cups, bowls, plates, etc. Water Hyacinth Storage Bins were used to group breakfast foods and meal prep items together in the pantry. We added structure to the deep drawers by using InterDesign Linus Deep Drawer Binz to separate snacks for example. In the shallow drawers, these Expandable Bamboo Utensil Trays  were used to organize and contain kitchen tools. 

Kitchen drawer BEFORE

Next, we organized the master suite. To give the bathroom and linen closet a spa feel, we chose an all white color palette. Sheet sets were organized by room in Montauk Woven Storage Bins. We created categories for face, body, hair, and travels products as well as medication and first aid and stored these items in a combination of Nordic Storage Baskets and Plastic Storage Bins. In the master closet, we used baskets the client had on hand to corral accessories and clutches. 

In the front entry closet and the office closet, we removed any and all items that belonged elsewhere, purged no longer loved or used items, edited the shelves, and cleared the floor space. The closets looked twice as big as they originally did. 


Our final step was to clear off all flat surfaces (shelves, coffee tables, side tables, buffets, etc.) as much as possible. In the built-in shelves in the family room for example, we edited the client's pictures and books to look like a curated collection.

Her house is now in beautiful order and ready to hit the market! In addition to getting top dollar for her home, she will save money by not paying to move things she doesn't use, need, or want. Our client said it best: "The value of this service is priceless! I have learned so many tips and tricks that I will be able to take with me to my new home!" We take great pride in our projects and are so grateful to our clients for letting us into their homes and into their lives