20 Things to Toss In 20 Minutes


The best way to create a clutter-free home is to develop well thought out systems that reflect your lifestyles needs. This process takes time, energy, and focus. If you find you are short on time or energy (as many of us are), you can still find space and de-clutter by getting rid of the assortment of little, useless things that are hogging up the prime real estate in your home. Often times, you are so used to having these items lying around, you seem to see past them. Yet, a quick bit of editing will go a long way towards creating the organized environment you crave.

Grab a garbage bin and donation bag, and start tossing, recycling, or donating these items:

1. Wire hangers.

2. Plastic hangers that have lost their shape.

3. Plastic bags from the dry cleaner. (Protect garments by storing them in canvas hanging bags.)

4. Any piece of clothing that is stained or stretched out, including undergarments.

5. Anything with a layer of dust on it.

6. Orphan socks. (You’ve managed this long without the pair, it’s okay to repurpose them as rags or toss them.)

7. Any article of clothing that is no longer flattering.

8. Expired medicine.

9. Expired sunscreen.

10. Food that has lived deep in the recess of your freezer since 2010.

11. The goodie bag candy your child received at last month’s birthday party.

12. Mismatched mugs.

13. Promotional plastic cups and related free-bees.

14. Duplicates: you don’t need 8 spatulas or 4 can openers.

15. Half-used, long forgotten candles.

16. Markers without caps – and caps without markers.

17. Completed coloring books.

18. Takeout menus from restaurants you don't really like.

19. Chargers from gadgets you no longer own.

20. Anything that bugs you every time you see it.