5 Simple Ways to Help a New Mom Who's Struggling

I had the honor of speaking to Cradle Talk, a support group for new moms at Edward Hospital. A number of the moms in the group have postpartum depression. I did, too, and though it’s been three years, I vividly remember how I felt. Our home was my sanctuary and, honestly, the only thing that gave me a sense of calm and order on the toughest days. With that in mind, here are five simple things can do to help a mom in your life who’s struggling:

Photo credit: Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

1. Bring dinner and clear her pantry of expired food items.

2. Do the dishes and rearrange a cupboard or drawer to accommodate all of the feeding supplies.

3. Put the laundry away and sort through all the outgrown clothes.

4. Bring supplies and restock her caddy and diaper bag.

5. Bring flowers, a new candle, and clear her kitchen counters.

These extra steps will go a long way to creating the calm and orderly space this mom so desperately needs.