How to Stay Organized While on Vacation

Less stress. More time. Better sleep. Higher productivity. The benefits of living in an organized, clutter-free space can be experienced no matter where we live or for how long we are there.  Arguably, your time on vacation is even more precious than it is at home. Why waste it looking for your cell phone? As you settle into your hotel room, consider implementing some of our best strategies for keeping the vacation clutter at bay:




1. Choose a spot for the room key or key card. Put it there each time you come into the room. Make sure everyone using the room follows this rule as well. Do this with your cell phones, too.

2. Keep track of what you have worn, and what is still clean, by designating one dresser drawer for dirty laundry.

3. Speed up prep time in the bathroom by storing day cosmetics and toiletries separate from night ones. Use an empty glass from the bar to corral toothbrushes.

4. Pack smart for the return trip. If possible, dedicate one suitcase for everyone’s dirty clothes, and one for everyone’s clean. This will simplify the laundry process once you get home. Pack shoes first, as they are heaviest. To save space, socks can be tucked into shoes.

5. The last thing you should do before you leave your hotel room is double check the drawers, outlets, under the bed, between the sheets, and in the bathroom for any belongings that might not have made it into the suitcase. If possible, let your partner leave the room with the kids so you can fully focus on this important task. You don’t want to accidentally leave a cherished blanket or piece of jewelry behind.