Why More Isn't the Answer

Protect Me From What I Want.jpg

Last summer, while browsing through the shop at MassMOCA in western Massachusetts, this postcard caught my eye. It is from a collection of one my favorite artists, Jenny Holzer, made for the museum. “PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT.” I was struck by how perfectly this short statement embodies the struggle so many of my clients face. 

As a professional organizer, I spend my days witnessing first-hand how the things “we want” are the problem. We can blame the clutter on our messy kids, our uncooperative spouse, our lack of space, our excess of space, or our ever-busy schedules. It’s true, those are important factors that contribute to feelings of overwhelm and loss of control.


But, it’s the constant bringing-in that is the heart of problem. The belief that more=better, that we need to have extra on hand “just in case,” or that because there is space it should be filled, creates situations where we no longer like living in our own homes.

“PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT” suggests an alternative where we are satisfied with what we already have. Where more isn’t the answer, but intention is. “PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT” is a guide to help us examine what we crave and why. Why do I need protection from my wants? What is the relationship between need and satisfaction? How will giving-in to so many indulgences affect my efforts for a peaceful home? At what point is enough, enough?