6 Things I Keep In My Bag to Stay Organized On-the-Go

“Where did I put that? I know it’s in here...just give me a minute, I’ll find it.” That minute passes and before you know it you’re emptying the entire contents of your bag on the passenger seat or the Target conveyor belt.

My every day bag.

My every day bag.

As moms, our time is arguably our most valuable commodity and our bag? Well, that’s our lifeline. It can work for you or against you (like in the example above). Here are 6 things I keep in my bag to simplify my life and save time (and hassle!)


You’re in the school drop off line when you realize you forgot to write your kid’s name in his/her new coat. You’ve got a Sharpie for that. Or you just used a gift card and want to note the balance on the back because no, you won’t remember. You’ve got a Sharpie for that. Bonus tip: keep this item in a zippered pocket so it’s out of sight of little prying eyes.


I keep one gallon bag and one quart size. I’ve used the gallon bag as a car sick bag (not for my kid but my husband!). It’s also come in handy to hold soiled kids’ clothes. The quart size is the perfect bag “trashcan.” It can hold wrappers and the random dirty tissues your kids just hand you when there’s no trashcan nearby.


I use this to hold my receipts and gift cards and coupons I use in store. Buy a bright color so it pops in your bag. Dollar Tree, Target, Office Depot, and Amazon have some great, cheap options. Having a single landing spot for paper in your purse is such a space, time, and headache saver!


There are some great bag organizers on the market and if you’ve found that storage solution functional, that’s fantastic. I prefer to use zippered pouches instead of pockets to keep my small categories of items separate but organized. Specifically, I use one pouch for hygiene products, grooming products, and minimal cosmetics, a second for basic first aid items and medications, and a third for “business items” i.e., pen, paper, business cards, earbuds, and an extra phone charger. These are also great to hold “small treasures” (like the earrings your daughter hands you before the start of her basketball game) to keep them from getting lost.


Your kid just had a huge breakfast and is now claiming he’s starving on the way to school. You’re stuck in traffic. You’re carpooling from activity to activity until 8:00 pm. You get the point. Avoid packaging that can spill in your bag and snacks that easily crumble (like crackers and pretzels). I also keep a treat or two (like a sucker) to give my son if I need to make a work call in the car.


This one doesn’t need an explanation. Messes happen even when our kids are not around. The travel size packs are a great size for any bag.

What about my keys and phone? Pick a single landing spot. These are the items you’re reaching for the most so, give them a prime place in your bag. Once you’ve picked a pocket for both, don’t store anything else there. You’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t let your bag weigh on your shoulder and your mind. The 15 minutes you spend editing and organizing the contents of your bag will save you precious time and give you a sense of order in the midst of a busy day.