7 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Get More Organized

Feel Organized

Organization is about making life easier. If you’re feeling like you’re always busy but not getting anything done, here are 7 quick and easy things you can do today to regain a sense of calm and order.

Make Your Bed

You can roll your eyes but, there’s research behind it. As Charles Duhigg notes in, The Power of Habit, “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking to a budget.” Simplify this task by skipping the top sheet and opting for a removable, washable duvet cover instead.

List Your To-Do’s by Location


Organize your to-do list by location i.e., phone, computer, car, and home. You’ll get more accomplished in less time and feel less frazzled.

Sort Before You Pile

After you grab the mail, don’t put it down. Quickly sort through it and recycle what you don’t need. This will prevent unnecessary paper from pilling up. Add a small recycling bin or basket near the spot where you typically sort your mail to streamline this process.

Put Your Errands in the Car

The book you want to give to your friend. The pair of shoes you need to take to the cobbler. Put these items in your car. When you’re scheduled to run errands, you’ll have everything you need at the ready.

Add a Donation Box to Your Closet

Keep the closet clutter at bay by adding a bin to house the clothes you no longer love or that no longer fit until you have time to take them to a resale shop or donation site.

Pick Out Tomorrow’s Outfit

It’s a simple task but the more you do the night before, the less stress in the morning.

Put it Away Now

Things can quickly pile up. Challenge yourself to put things away right after you’re done using them.

These small changes to your habits will go a long way to helping you feel more organized. The beauty of it all? When you feel more organized, you actually stay more organized.