3 Quick Fixes for Clutter Hot Spots

Some organizing problems require hours of planning, de-cluttering, and creating new systems to get the situation in check. (Hello, home office that needs to be converted into a nursery.)  But, in other cases, a simple or inexpensive solution is all it takes. I have worked on a few projects recently where simple organizing tweaks transformed a client’s overwhelmingly cluttered space.  Here are some examples:

Organized Garage Shelving

“My big open space is a cluttered mess!”

Problem: No structure.

Quick Fix: Place a sturdy shelving unit or two in the room so that the floor is clear and you can take advantage of the vertical height of the space. 16'“ to 24” depth shelves are ideal for storage spaces like basements and garages. Use clear, lidded bins with labels to keep the shelves organized.

Closet Before and After copy.jpg

“I spend hours cleaning my closet and putting things in bins, but in a few weeks it is all a jumbled mess again. Getting dressed is so frustrating!”

Problem: Too much stuff.

Quick Fix: Don’t organize what you don’t need or love. Grab a donation bag and put in it anything that is ripped, stained, broken, has a layer of dust on it, or is a size that no longer fits. Put off-season clothes in a large bin at the top of the closet. Add structure to open shelves using bins or baskets. Do the de-cluttering in 20-minute sprints by clothing type. 


“I have bills and paperwork neatly organized – going back to 2002 – but I have no more space!”

Problem: No exit strategy.

Quick Fix: Print out a paper retention schedule so you know what needs to be kept and what can be shredded. (Hint: most paper does not need to be kept for more than a year.) Regularly shred an old bill when a new one comes in.

Paper and Mail Before and After