Declutter to Activate Your Brain

A desktop I recently helped a client clear and organize. Now she’s able to maximize her time and efforts.

While reading Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work and Your Life, I came across the following excerpt:

Here’s your first activation. Choose something small to experiment with on this activation. Clean your desk off, clear out old files, clear out your e-mail, file bills, balance your checkbook, clean a part of the garage, organize the pantry or fridge - you get the idea.

Notice how you feel when you check the task off your to-do list. Do you feel energized? Remember that energy so that you can use it for fuel to achieve even bigger goals and get more control in your day to day life.

We see this day in and day out in our work with our Less is More clients. Small changes, like clearing off a desktop, have big impacts. When your space is free of physical clutter, your mind clears and you are better able to focus and accomplish the task at hand. What’s more, you save precious time.

Let us help you “activate” your brain so you can enjoy more of what you love with the people you love.