My Must-Have Summer Organizing Tool

It’s our first full summer in our Naperville home. After months of snow and rain, we’re more than ready for some fun and sun with our family and friends. With a deck and patio, we now have the space to entertain (hooray!) but, where and how do I store all of the summer “stuff” so we’re not running around looking for things when friends drop by last minute? A little stroll through the aisles of Target led me to a handled metal caddy and that’s what inspired me to create “summer kits” to organize all of my summer entertaining essentials. Here are a few, fun ideas:


Use a caddy to organize sunscreen, bug spray, aloe gel, hand sanitizer, tissues, basic first aid items, and sunglasses. It’s so handy (pun intended) and perfect to leave out for guests to help themselves during their visit. Bonus tip: Keep it in the mudroom or near the garage door so you can quickly apply sunscreen before taking the kids to camp.


A slightly larger caddy or tote like this one that is easy to carry and clean is perfect for holding pool towels, swim caps, and goggles. Leave it outside by the pool or in the mudroom or garage. This is also a great way to store bubbles, water guns, and pool toys.


A caddy is perfect for organizing condiments, marinades, sauces, and spices so you can avoid running in and out of the house to grab what you need. You can also use it to corral barbecue tools.


I reused the same metal caddy in a different color to organize plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. All the essentials for quick and easy outdoor dining in one place. You can also use it to hold and carry out snacks for the kids.

Is the caddy the best summer organizing tool? I think so! What other summer kit ideas do you have?